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Jonathan Magalnick
Teaching ice dance and free style
(602) 908-2620


Lee Cabell
Teaching ice dance
(862) 222-6850

Joan Krilla   
Teaching ice dance, free style and basic skills
(201) 669-9944

Saturdays & Sundays

Michele Russo
Teaching free style, basic skills, spins, jumps and moves in the field
(845) 521-0900

Spread the word about BMFSC!

Last season brought us many new members (some experienced skaters and some just catching the skating bug).

Help grow the club by inviting your friends and family - one step on the ice, and they'll be hooked.

Guests are welcome at any session for a $20 fee. (If you bring a guest to the Thanksgiving day session, it's free!)

Ice Network

Check out Ice Network, a new U.S. Figure Skating site that provides events online.





Getting the Latest Member Scoop

A Letter from Our President
A warm welcome back to all of our members, new & old.

I have the great pleasure each year of contacting all of you, both new and sustaining members who help make the club what it is today, a delightful skating experience. There is always a level of excitement as the new season approaches with the autumnal beauty of our Hudson River Valley. There is not a more beautiful skating venue in this country! and not a friendlier club! Read more.

Bear Mountain Figure Skating Club Invites Newcomers to Glide
Were you one of those kids who watched a Winter Olympics and was inspired to do more than just wobble on the ice? Was it too hard, and the notion then abandoned? Or, are you actually still pretty good, and looking to get even better? Skating enthusiasts as well as interested novices and the full spectrum in between are all welcome to join the Bear Mountain Figure Skating Club (BMFSC), an organization with a long local history commitment to recreational figure skating. Read the article (11/10/2013).

About our coaching sessions and learning to skate...
Private or group instruction is available for skaters at all levels who want to accelerate the learning process and achieve a higher level of proficiency.

We recommend that you contact the coach of your choice (listed on the left) before the skating season starts to reserve a lesson. Remember, the 1 1/2 hour skating sessions fill up rapidly! Also, it would be fair to engage in a lesson and to respect the time allotment reserved for you. The fees for private or group lessons should be arranged between you and the skating professional. For more information, contact Louise Marin at (845) 304-9565 or Orrin Getz at (845) 638-4494.

Sign up for the 2017 Annual Show
The 2017 Annual Skating Show will be held in February 2017. The theme this year will be announced at a later date. Join the fun by completing an Annual Show form today!

Group Lessons are now available at a costs of $65 for the seven-week session. Complete and send us a lesson form when you apply for membership. And, if you bring in a new member, you'll receive a FREE Group Session (one per current member).

In Honor of William Morton Osborne
Avid figure skater and founding member of the Westchester Figure Skating Club, William Morton Osborne passed away on December 7, 2010 at the age of ninety-three. Access a eulogy.

Find Us on Facebook
Find us on facebook!We now have our own club page on facebook! We are trying many ways to get the word out about our club to attract new members without incurring any additional expense. Facebook links us to people interested in skating. It also links our skating community to our website. So let's boost our club!

  • If you are on Facebook, please visit our page and click "Like" to become a friend of the club. Once we have enough friends, we will get our own internet address so people who are not on Facebook can still access our page.
  • Send out an invitation to join BMFSC friends on Facebook to all of your Facebook friends and ask them to do the same. Let's go viral!
  • Upload any pictures or videos you have of your skating or our club to the page. Unlike the website, this is completely under your control. You can post pix and comments for everyone. (This might certainly get your friends to want to check the page out!!)
  • Visit the page often for news and announcements
    This is our new home and a way to publicize the club so we can remain viable. Let's have fun with it!

Send Us Your Music!
The Music Committee wants to thank Lynne for providing the soundtrack for the club's sessions for so many years. If there was a Grammy award for best skating soundtrack, Lynne would win hands down! 

The new committee, comprised of Lori Dean-Chironno and Joyce Kanyuk, is soliciting your favorite skating music for this season. We look forward to adding new selections this year to create the best music for our skating sessions. Please send your tracks to Lori at, or Joyce at

If you don't know how to do this, here's how:

  • Put a CD into the computer and click on the icon of the disk. Highlight the track, open your email and attach it as a file. Click send. Or drag the selected file to your desktop, open your email, attach it as a file and send.
  • Go to iTunes on your computer, highlight the track and attach it as a file to your email. Click send. Or drag the selected track to your desktop, open your email and attach it as a file. Send.
  • If you have another type of mp3 player, open the program that loads it with your music, select your track, and attach it to an email as explained above.

Hope to have everyone listening to the music they love to skate to this season!

Send us your accomplishments!
Click to send us an email with your accomplishmentsTo add your latest testing or event success to the BMFSC site, send us an email.

Discovery Channel Series
In January 2009, our club was contacted by an independent producer developing a series of programs for the Discovery Channel. Their team paid a visit to our club session on Saturday, January 31 to do some filming around the topic "why people join clubs."

Thanks to those who attended the sessions and helped to showcase our club!


Ice Rules & Safety Guidelines

  1. Everyone should be aware that skaters vary in size, age and skill levels, and have different interested ranging from stroking to dame and free style. Minimum age to participate is five (5) years old.
  2. Courtesy and common sense should be used by all.
  3. All moves, dance and free style, including jumps and spins, particularly camels, should be done with adequate space for safety. Everyone should exercise caution in using the corners where free style skaters may be practicing the Lutz, the Flip and other difficult jumps.
  4. Skaters should avoid stationary conversations on the ice, especially in the areas normally used for dance patterns and free style jumps and spins.
  5. The Music Committee will arrange to play selections for free style and dance skaters during our sessions. Skaters with special requests should contact a member of the Music Committee at the beginning of the sessions and, if necessary, provide a tape cassette or compact disc (CD) with the musical program properly recorded.
  6. When dance music is playing, those skating the prescribed dance pattern should be given the right of way. The other skaters should be aware of the patterns and yield to the dancers. A warning "pattern" should be used by the dancers when other skaters interfere with the pattern of the announced dance.
  7. When free style music is playing, all skaters should be prepared to give way and allow sufficient room for free style skaters to perform jumps and spins, especially near the center of the rink. Those not skating free style should stay closer to the boards along the outside of the rink.
  8. The group instruction will be held in the "coned-off" section of the ice at the end of the rink. Those not taking part in the group instruction should not skate through the cones and into the area designated for group instruction.
  9. Skaters performing moves in the field should be given the right of way along the inside track for the first part of the club sessions.
  10. Skaters practicing programs for upcoming test and competitions should be given the right of way on the ice when their music is announced and played.
  11. The use of safety equipment and protective gear is encouraged.
  12. Skaters are not allowed to use walkman-type portable music equipment with earphones on the ice during club sessions.
  13. The Rules and Ice Committee will have responsibility for enforcing the rules, demeanor and safety at all club session.

[Download Club Ice Rules & Safety Guidelines]

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